ATu body temperature automatic rapid screening system to achieve outdoor unmanned rapid and accurate temperature measurement


Because of the sudden COVID-19, Yantai Tsingke+ Robot Joint Research Institute Co., Ltd also participated in this war of prevention and control without smoke. Tsinghua University Modern Institutional and Robotized Equipment Laboratory and Yasingntai Tsingke+ Robot Joint Research Institute Co., Ltd. have carried out technical research on robot body, temperature measurement device and temperature compensation algorithm, visual semantic perception, control strategy, etc. "ATu Robot" automatic temperature rapid screening system, which can realize unmanned rapid detection: the temperature measurement accuracy is less than 0.2 ℃; for pedestrians, it can be passed for 2 seconds.

ATu Robot can be used in office areas, residential quarters, schools, hospitals, star-rated hotels, supermarkets and other entrances to quickly screen the temperature of pedestrians unmanned.

At present, Atu Robot has been used in the entire campus area of Tsinghua University, which reduces the manpower for personnel to detect body temperature, improves efficiency, and improves the accuracy of temperature measurement, and strictly prevents and controls the epidemic in school.

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